Dandong HuaYang Textile and Garment Co.,Ltd-Branchs Washing factory was founded in May, 2010. There are 200 pounds of dryer machine 14 sets, the sample machine (4), 600 - pound washing machine (4), 200 - pound dehydrator (2), the ribbon hung dyeing machine 1, the multi-function crane dyeing machine one. Years of processing garment washed more than 3 million pieces (garment dye 100000, cowboy 120000, enzyme wash 200000, garment wash 3 million ) fabric wash 30000 meters. There are three wash technology penson follow up the production process until finished, employees 15 people. We have professional wash technology and equipment, implement international standards of professional color light box, using imported raw materials and additives environmental protection dye, the main washing list as follow:

Hanging dyeing
hanging drift garment washed
high temperature caustic wash
garment dyed
Stone enzyme wash
fur dyed
lace dyed
Net yarn dyed
Snow wash
Monkey wash
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