Dandong Huayang printing factory was found in 1998. It has well printing equipments, and there are more than 30 workers with advanced technology, advanced plate making technology, and good quality production.

Our printing factory mainly services for garment print. Printing technique type was complete, mainly as plasmagel printing, watermark, foaming printing, golden hot printing, flock printing, block printing, high-profile wave printing, transfer printing, flash-piece printing, special material printing etc. 

Our product has many merits, such as easy printing, well fastness, beautifully colored, good hand feeling and good elasticity. And it uses environmental protection paste printing, adapts to  the request of both international environmental groups and Europe environmental protection export so that our product was well received by customers.

In these 10 year, our printing factory experiences many ups and downs, but we are down to earth, serving well for each garment factory to make their product more delicacy, top quality and beautiful. Our production increased the value-added content of garment, and was well received by our customer. We sincerely welcome everyone to visit our factory and give your suggestions, negotiations cooperation and common development.

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